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Eggless Melting Moments Cookies

master chef recipe of Melting Moment

‘Melting moments’ the name is enough for salivating atleast in my case. As the name suggests this sugar coated eggless cookie actually melts in your mouth leaving you craving for more.  Before you take the first bite just ensure that you have sealed the jar behind you and kept it out of your reach. Otherwise you will end up with your stomach filled with cookies and an empty jar in your lap.

Melting Moment recipe

First time I met with eggless melting moments through ‘MasterChef’ Julia. But back then I used to peep in the kitchen only to check the menu and place some special orders. Gradually I learnt cooking and started trying my hands on every new thing I spotted. Since then I desperately wanted to try this cookie but without any baking experience I wasn’t sure where to start.

eggless cookies

Few weeks back there was Christmas; winter festival with cakes and cookies. I decided to begin my baking spree with it. I quickly arranged the ingredients and started my journey with two shaky hands and racy heat beats. And after 1 hr. when I finally experienced how moments can be melted in your tongue and make you melt with it five of the cookies were already gone within seconds.

eggless Melting Moment

I’m feeling extremely guilty for not sharing such an easy recipe of this beautiful cookie. Today I’ll share the Eggless Melting Moment’s recipe with you all to make your hearts melt with it, just like mine.

Preparation Time: 20 mins.
Cooking Time: 30 mins (baking; 2 batches of 12 pcs each) + 10 mins (cooling)
Total Time: 60 mins.
Yield: 24 medium pcs


All-purpose flour: 180 g or 1½ tea cup
Regular butter: 180 g or 1½ tea cup
Caster sugar: 60 g or ½ tea cup
Custard powder: 60 g or ½ tea cup
Baking powder: 1 ½ tsp
Vanilla essence: 4-6 drops
Glazed cherry: 12-14


Take a large bowl. Sift the flour, custard powder and baking powder together in it.

Take a mixing bowl and cream the butter with the help of an electric beater for 2 mins or until butter is smooth and fluffy.

Add caster sugar and continue beating for another 2 mins.

At first batter will become grainy but don’t worry keep mixing. Soon the batter will be smooth again. Add vanilla essence. (See Tips)

Put the sifter on the mixing bowl and add flour mixture. Resift it in the mixing bowl. (See Tips)
Knead it as regular flour dough. No need to add water or milk. There is enough butter present in the mixture for kneading. (See Tips)

Make small balls out of the dough. Give them round shape by your hands or use cookie cutter to get desired shape. Press gently a bit. Place half cherry on each of them. (See Tips)

Preheat the oven to 1800 C. Prepare the baking tray with parchment paper. Place the cookies on them by keeping 1” gap in between. (See Tips)

Bake them for 10-15 mins max at 1800 C or until cookies get a shade darker in color. (See Tips)
Once done keep 5 mins in the oven as standing time then keep the baking tray on wire rack until it cools completely.
You can store them in air-tight container for up to 2 weeks. The below picture was taken after 1 week on the New Year Eve. Trust me they were as fresh as on the day of baking.

These melting moments are hot favorite tea time snack. Serve fresh with tea or coffee.

This cookie can be served as an excellent dessert. Take two pieces of cookie. Cover bottom (flat base) of one cookie with whipped cream and another one with any sweet/semisweet jam. Press them together. Serve with ice-cream.

Melting Moments cookies


1.  If you use granulated sugar, beat for 4 mins as granulated sugar will take more time to dissolve in butter. The best way is to use low speed for longer time to cream granulated sugar and butter together.

2.  This will provide more aeration in the batter to produce more fluffy and light batter.
Extra water or milk will change the consistency of the dough. And it will ruin the texture of the cookie.

3.  Any other dry fruits or chocolates can be used instead of cherry.

4.  They don’t spread much. So 1” will be enough space for them.

5.  Keep an eye on them after 10 mins is passed. The cookies should not get brown or crisp. 

6.  They should be soft and tender. Otherwise cookies won’t melt in your mouth.

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