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Top 5 Popular Recipes of April 2013

April's Top 5 Popular Recipes

The awaited list of ‘Top 5 Popular Recipes’ for the month of April is finally ready. From previous month I am publishing this list of 5 recipes chosen on the basis of popularity. I know many of you are too busy to follow a blog on regular basis; many of you don’t get time to cook daily. So it is for you guys. Now you don’t need to go through the entire blog for a single recipe. Just check the ‘Best of’ tab from the menu where you will get a summary for every month. Thanks to you all for being here with me and supporting me constantly.

Here are the most popular 5 recipes from this blog which were posted in the month of April.

No Cook No Bake Chocolate Pop up

Cadbury Twister or Bengali Chocolate sandesh/sweet. This Indo-Western fusion sweet is invented a year back by an established sweet confectionery Gupta Brothers.from Kolkata, India. It has a soft chewy sweet cottage cheese filling with dry fruits and a chocolaty shell outside.

Serving & Storage:
Freeze or refrigerate it for 5-6 hrs. depending on your local climate. Garnish each cup with chopped pistachio and serve chilled.

Flaky Layered Indian Flat Bread

Laccha paratha is an unique paratha made of both wheat flour and all-purpose flour. It is layered flat bread which is crispy and flaky. 

Serving & Storage:
Lachha Paratha or Crispy Flaky Layered Indian Flat Bread tastes best when served hot. Serve this special paratha with any chicken mutton or veg curry. I served it with Mutton Rezala. 

Strawberry Cottage Cheese Nutella Bread Pudding

3 Flavored Bread Pudding is your regular bread pudding packed with new flavors. Nutella and Strawberry jam is layered with bread and butter for the flavors. And there is a secret ingredient to make it more stuffy and flavorful: Cottage cheese, Enjoy this 3 flavored pudding warm or cold!

Serving & Storage:
Serve immediately as warm dessert or refrigerate for 1-2 hrs and serve as cold dessert. Before serving pour few spoons of cream, cherries and strawberry and chocolate sauce or nutella on the top.


Macaroni and Cheese Muffin

Today ‘Macaroni & Cheese’ is one of the most common and popular pasta preparations in all over the World. Traditionally pre-cooked elbow pasta are used to cook it in white sauce like Alfredo Sauce and cheese in a casserole.  Today in modern culinary any of your favorite sauce can be used with macaroni pasta. That may not be traditional mac-n-cheese but you will definitely relish your kind of mac-n-cheese. I used Boozing Alfredo Sauce with white wine and pork sausages to get my kinda mac-n-cheese.

Serving & Storage:

Enjoy this boozing mac-n-cheese as your evening snack or brunch on weekends. If you want to serve them as party appetizer use mini muffin molds or candy molds. Thus you will make a great finger food! 

Chicken Jalapeno Olive Pizza

Leftover chicken pizza needs only leftover chicken or veggies and a pizza base with little amount of tomato ketchup. For topping use whatever you have at home including cheese, jalapeno, olives etc. Here is the recipe of Leftover Chicken Pizza.

Serving & Storage:
Serve it warm. Cut it into wedges and relish the warm pizza with your morning cuppa.

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