Thursday, September 5, 2013

Green Coriander Pesto with Chili Lime

Coriander Lime Pesto with Chili

After a long time today I'll be all about sauce or condiments. To be precise it’s not exactly condiment; even more, it’s Pesto. Pesto is a kind of special sauce from Italy. This Italian pesto is originated in Genoa in northern Italy. Traditionally pesto consists of fresh leaves (like basil), crushed garlic, pine nuts and all are blended with parmesan cheese and olive oil. Pesto is used as any regular sauce like in spaghetti or as condiments with your fries.

Coriander Pesto with Chili Lime

Pesto is a versatile item with various versions. Sometimes mint leaves are mixed with the basil; sometimes almonds or walnuts are used instead of pine nuts; sometimes cheese becomes optional even. In fact pesto can be red colored too. This red pesto contains either sun dried tomato or grilled red pepper. Even sometimes only nuts are crushed and blended with olive oil to produce a pesto.

Green Pesto with Chili Lime

I have no plan to bore you with old basil pesto. I’ve got something fresh for you: Green Coriander Pesto with Chili Lime. Last week I got few large bunches of coriander in the fresh market and without any second thought I grabbed few of them. I had them in salad, sandwiches and in curries. But loads are left to finish and soon they won’t be fresh any more. So I’ve prepared green coriander pesto to keep them in good state to use. I twisted the flavor of coriander with fresh chili and lime zest along with with the lime juice.

Green Coriander Pesto with Chili Lime Recipe

Green Coriander Pesto with Chili Lime

Preparation Time: 05 mins
Cooking Time: 05 mins
Resting Time: 00 mins
Total Time: 10 mins
Yield:  2 cups


Fresh coriander leaves: 1½ cup (including small stems)
Fresh garlic: 8-10 cloves (increase/decrease the amount according to your taste)
Fresh green chili: 3 tbsp (increase/decrease the amount according to your taste)
Lime zest: 1 tbsp
Lime juice: 1 tbsp
Extra virgin olive oil: ¼ cup
Salt: 1 tsp (or to taste)


Food processor
Dry & clean glass bottle (or glass bowls with lid) to store


Wash and clean coriander, green chili and garlic. Roughly chop and put them in the food processor along with the lime zest (don’t use water at all). Process for few mins or until everything seems to be smashed.

Keep the processor running and start pouring the oil with a steady flow. If you don't have a food processor and is using a mixer and grinder like me use stop and go method. Pour little oil and mix for few seconds and so on. Within few mins everything will come together and will produce a nice smooth paste. Add lime juice and salt and stir lightly.

Your Green Pesto is done now. Enjoy this super easy pesto Green Coriander Pesto with Chili Lime with your spaghetti or even simple potato wedges like me. Store the pesto in a clean and dry glass bottle. Any glass bowls with lid will also work fine. This pesto can be stored in refrigerator up to 5 days. And what I did with this beauty i'll share tomorrow ;)

Coriander chili Pesto with lime

Till then Have Fun!


  1. very very flavorful pesto :) love add this is pizza's instead of tomato base :) looks super yummy and lovely presentation dear !!

  2. pesto looks so perfectly this for additional flavor on pasta too

  3. you decorated it so pretty- pictures are so appealing.


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