Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Britannia GoodDay Chunkies Molten Lava Chocolate Cake | Microwave Lava Cake

Instant Chocolate Cake Video Recipe | Microwave Lava Cake

We all grown up people have one thing in common and that is the nostalgia from our childhood. We always love those things (doesn’t matter how tiny or simple things those are) which are directly related to our golden days. It might be a specific game or a typical cartoon character printed pencil box or a brand of juice or a Sunday morning TV show. Yes, we were allowed to watch TV only on Sunday morning and that was also for 1 hr. only and it was my precious Disney time. There was another thing which is still very close to my heart, Britannia biscuits.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Espresso Chocolate Marble Cake | No Bake No Oven Marble Cake | Chocolate Swirl Bread

No Bake No Oven Marble Cake Recipe | Chocolate Swirl Bread on stove top

 “Dark clouds gather 'round
Will I run or stand my ground?
Yeah, gimme my way
Gimme my love
Gimme my choice
You keep me coming around”
~ Foals, Mountain at My Gates

These are not just lyrics from indie rock band Foals rather it’s my feelings for No Bake No Oven Espresso Chocolate Marble Cake. This super moist vanilla & dark chocolate loaf cake has bewitched me completely with its dark curls. And the happiest thing is it's baked cooked on gas top/stovetop without any oven, just similar to my previous No Bake Buttermilk Skillet Cake without any Oven.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Baked Moong Dal Gujiya | Baked Moong Dal Karanji | Baked Indian Sweet Empanadas

Baked Moong Dal Gujiya Recipe | Oven Baked Moong Dal Karanji

Today’s special on the menu, Baked Moong Dal Gujiya or Karanji and Thandai. Gujiya and Holi are just two different names of the same thing, ‘Happiness’. Holi is the Indian festival of colours to celebrate the happiness. It is also celebrated to welcome spring which also represents colour and youth by the way. And who wants to double up their happiness? Raise your hands. Let me lend you my Baked Moong Dal Karanji/Gujiya for this Holi to enjoy the fun of Holi to the core this year. Bake these gujiyas now and you can always thank me later anytime. Happy Holi to all who are celebrating!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Gajar Ka Halwa Swiss Roll | Carrot Halwa Roulade | Carrot Pudding Mawa Roll

Gajar ka Halwa Food Photography | Carrot Pudding Mawa Roll Recipe

Hello to all the Happy People from a super-Happy-at-the-present-moment girl! And my latest experiment, Gajar Ka Halwa Swiss Roll aka Carrot Halwa Roulade (in other words Carrot Pudding Mawa Roll) is the key of my happiness. Let me guess the first thing in your mind is, “WHAT? Gajar Ka Halwa Swiss Roll? Is she sane? Kahi pagal to nahi ho gayi?” So the answer is I’m completely in a calm sane state of mind and today I’m sharing my Gajar Ka Halwa Swiss Roll aka Carrot Halwa Roulade recipe with you all! So hop in guys without wasting any valuable time!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kucho Nimki | Namak Para | Namak Pare | Kerala style Diamond Cuts

Kucho Nimki Recipe | Food Photography | Namak Para

Kucho Nimki is one of those old fashioned Indian style flour cookies which have made its journey from generation to generation in our Indian kitchen very successfully. Kucho Nimki is also known as Namak Para or Namakpare in Maharashtra and Diamond Cuts cookies in Kerala. These deep fried savory crisps are cooked in traditional Indian way instead of baking and enjoyed mostly with evening tea or coffee.