Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Brownies baked in Egg shells | Easter Breakfast

Easter Egg shells Brownies

It was kind of pre-monsoon day when we get to see ‘all dark’ sky but can’t feel a single droplet. I was a bit bored at home but not in mood to go out (was expecting the rain very much). Then I remembered I had a promise to keep to my fellow readers. And here I am with my Brownies baked in Egg shells as I promised with my Kitkat Birthday Cake.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Restaurant Review | Dorabjee’s Coffee Corner | Camp Area | Pune

Shopping always makes me sick and when it comes to grocery shopping I would love to stick to home delivery and simple bread-butter if possible. But hey, that also I need to buy! So a coffee treat is mandatory after shopping for me to regain my energy. Since I was introduced to Dorabjee’s I finally got the point of ‘shopping with fun’; who wouldn’t be happy to eat a cupcake while checking the list of weekly grocery shopping!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Restaurant Review | Rainforest Resto-Bar | Phoenix Market City | Pune

Rainforest Resto-Bar Restaurant Review

Since I’ve joined Zomato I’ve started nourishing my ‘wishlist’ almost daily and as a result I keep reminding myself about visiting these places ASAP. Recently I was keen to visit one of them specifically; Rainforest Resto-Bar. The more I was reading about it more curious I became to visit and finally I got my ‘ticket’ to my first ‘Jungle Safari’ in Phoenix Market City, Pune. How did it go? Hop in.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Restaurant Review | The Great Punjab | Baner | Pune

Restaurant Review The Great Punjab

Good food is like fresh air to any foodie while bad food feels like suffocating. And I am suffering due to my odd location as it makes difficult for me to reach out good restaurants on regular basis. Not to mention I don’t get the chance to enjoy home delivery very often too (I need to change my location ASAP). Then there are few good people who have agreed to home delivery us happiness. The Great Punjab is one of them. It has been around a year I’m enjoying their food on home delivery and I’m quite happy with the quality they deliver. So last weekend when I couldn’t find the menu to place the order, we decided to hop in there. Initially I liked the place at first glance but later with their service I thought I should’ve stayed with  home delivery. Anyways here is my (dine in) experience at ‘The Great Punjab’.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lemon Chicken Sandwich (without sandwich maker)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

I don’t see sandwiches as a food; rather it’s part of my soul. As a bread lover I also happen to love sandwiches in every possible way; be it savory, pickled or sweet-n-spicy. Only sweet sandwiches are strictly no no for me. As I enjoy sandwiches on most of the weekdays, it is a big job to keep changing the flavor to avoid repetition. But what I never had imagined is I’ll ever share a sandwich recipe on my blog. I mean it’s so easy and simple; even a 5 years old can do it. Right? But you know what; I had to share this Lemon Chicken Sandwich. Otherwise it will be unfair to the job of food blogging itself.