Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Laksa Lemak | Malaysian Curry Laksa | Curry Me | Nyonya Lemak | Noodles Soup

Curry Me | Malay Noodles Soup

A steaming hot large bowl of spicy noodles soup is on my lap and I’m sitting in the coziest corner of my home, watching the lake surrounded with hills in the front; it is a very common activity for me in lazy winter days. Winter is not dominating here in western part of India; in fact it is the most enjoyable period of the year here. So I try to absorb it to the core! My winter days are incomplete without chilly breeze, bright blue sky, light weighted jackets-boots, enormous cups (read, mugs) of coffee and of course a bowlful bowl of hot spicy noodles soup; simply Heaven! Amongst all the noodles soup my all-time favorite is Laksa Lemak or Curry Laksa which is more popular as Curry Me or Nyonya Lemak in local regions.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Restaurant Review | The Orient | Ishanya Mall | Yerawada | Pune

In my opinion every single shopping mall should have a good food court. Otherwise there is no point in visiting the mall and loitering there for all day long. We need the fuel to keep us walking. Whenever I visit the Ishanya mall in Yerawada my opinion grows stronger than before. Though this is dedicated mall to furniture & home decor shops the place literally has nothing else. Officially the mall has a food court but sadly there are only two stalls which I found open. Rests are nothing but showcasing. 'The Orient" is one of them which attracted me on the first time as the other one is a veg sandwich bar. I’m still visiting this place whenever I’m in the mall.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Yogurt Bundt Cake with Orange & Cranberries

Orange & Cranberries Bundt Cake

I believe life always tastes sweeter with little touch of a cake; well may be not for your health but definitely for your soul! Though I’m not a dessert lover, sometimes it feels good to find teeny weeny pieces of cakes in my kitchen cupboard or refrigerator. Generally, I have these kinds of sugar rushes during middle of the week which I call my ‘mid-week crisis’! I try to bake small sized cakes or cookies around Tuesday or Wednesday to control my sweet craving once in a while. I also try to blend ‘healthy’ ingredients with others to keep my brain mum and pretend to have a ‘healthy’ cake! Similar story goes with my latest bake Yogurt Bundt Cake with Orange & Cranberries. It has good amount of yogurt and loads of cranberries to lure you (actually it’s me) away.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Bengali Kosha Mangsho | Mutton Kosha | Spicy Mutton (dry) Curry

Mutton Kosha

They say matches are made in heaven. But there are few matches which are strictly made in a Bong’s kitchen. Like, Bengali Mishti Pulao or Sweet polau and Mutton Kosha aka Kosha Mangsho. I’m not a fan of rice or mutton but I don’t miss a single chance to enjoy this perfect marriage on special occasions like Durga Puja (Navratri) or Poila Baisakh (Bengali New Year). And I don’t dare to separate them from each other; it’s a crime!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Restaurant Review | TGI Fridays | Seasons Mall | Magarpatta City | Pune

 Seasons Mall | Magarpatta City | Pune

TGI Fridays in Seasons Mall, Magarpatta City is just like an oasis in dessert! The mall remains mostly deserted except weekends and there is hardly any good place to enjoy some good time. Though the mall has number of options for food yet they are not upto the mark for me. On the other hand number of shops is very limited for shopping too. So to me it’s a place to either enjoy a movie or TGI Fridays. After all who doesn’t want a weeklong Fridays!