Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Restaurant Review | TGI Fridays | Seasons Mall | Magarpatta City | Pune

 Seasons Mall | Magarpatta City | Pune

TGI Fridays in Seasons Mall, Magarpatta City is just like an oasis in dessert! The mall remains mostly deserted except weekends and there is hardly any good place to enjoy some good time. Though the mall has number of options for food yet they are not upto the mark for me. On the other hand number of shops is very limited for shopping too. So to me it’s a place to either enjoy a movie or TGI Fridays. After all who doesn’t want a weeklong Fridays!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Product Review | Britannia Cake | Nut & Raisin Romance

Product Review | Britannia Cake

Christmas is just two months away! You must be thinking why am I counting on Christmas now? Actually Christmas is all about rum soaked fruitcakes, cookies, gifts & family get together to me and for a perfect Christmas fruitcake you need to start your prep work a.k.a. fruit mixing by now about two to three months before Christmas. It is a huge step which needs follow-up in every week. So you can’t perform this any other time of the year on your hectic schedule even if you want to. I always wished to have a Christmassy fruitcake all year long whenever I want! Finally I think my prayers are answered. Britannia has launched a cake named, ‘Nut & Raisin Romance’ which is fully loaded with almonds, raisins and orange peels. True that no fruits are there yet I’m happy to grab my share.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Restaurant Review | Habitats Cafe and Lounge | Baner | Pune

Restaurant Review | Habitats Cafe and Lounge

Small coffee bars are truly heaven for coffee lovers like me. Where you can lay your hair down after work on weekdays and can enjoy little snacks with a large coffee. And on weekends I prefer to enjoy my post lunch coffee in these cafés too. When I saw this café few days back for the first time I knew I have to try it. Though it took me a while to be there, finally I experienced Habitats and now I’ve become one of the regulars there! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Bengali Holud Mishti Pulao | Sweet Saffron Polau | Durga Puja Special

Durga Puja Special Recipes

Today I’m all ‘back to the root’ with some basic ‘carb’. After spending hell lot of days with dieting and running, now I need some energy to recharge by battery just before Durga Puja. I need to bring back the taste-buds alive before I hit the food stalls at puja pandals. So I’m starting my ‘reverse fasting’ with Bengali Holud Mishti Pulao or Sweet Saffron Polau.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Restaurant Review | NH 37 Dhaba | Shivaji Nagar | Pune

NH 37 Dhaba | Shivaji Nagar | Pune

Since the day I had seen the place was under construction I had my eyes on it and when I saw the little bridge on the fence and that water fall was in making I knew I would be here for sure if it would be a public place. Then finally my long wait had paid off and u saw the banner of this place with “we are open” tag. I had visited the place on their opening Sunday. The place wasn’t opened entirely; few sections were under construction which I think has completed by now. But the only problem was place was over flown by people and we had to wait 1 hr to get a table there as we had no reservation prior. I dint mind to wait as I was in the middle of calm peaceful nature though my tummy had refused to agree with me by that time.