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Best Recipes of the year 2013

top recipes of 2013

Hello guys! Happy New Year to all of you. Hope you had a great time. I had an awesome holiday. It was fun, full of craziness; a kind of holiday which can be compared with itself only. I got so indulged that I almost forgot that I have a blog to run and a life which is anything but a holiday. But now I’m back to business. And what else can be better than a roundup of the previous year.

The ‘Best Recipes’ of the year of 2013 is now ready finally. These recipes, published throughout the year of 2013, are chosen on the basis of popularity including my personal favorites. I know many of you are too busy to follow a blog on regular basis; many of you don’t get time to cook daily. So it is for you guys. Now you don’t need to go through the entire blog of a single recipe. Thanks to you all for being here with me and supporting me constantly.

Here are the top recipes from this blog which were posted in the year of 2013.

Appetizer/finger food

Mexican Corn Cake

Mexican Corn Fritters has the spicy tangy chili tomato salsa sauce, sweet corn, freshness of coriander and the heat quotient from jalapeno. All in one a garden fritter.

Serving & Storage:
Serve the spicy Mexican Corn Fritters with Chili Tomato Salsa Dip and sour cream.

Baked Eggplant

’0’ Oil Baked Eggplant Chips literally uses no oil/ butter/ grease at all. Its oven baked chips. Not your regular chips; its Eggplant chips. Very thin slices of eggplant are dipped in beaten egg & rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs and finally baked in oven to achieve crispy chips without any oil at all.

Serving & Storage:
Remove from oven and serve immediately with hot sauce and spicy green mole sauce. Or you can top with cream cheese, slices of jalapeno, olive and dash of hot sauce and mole sauce.

I never tried to store these Baked Eggplant Chips so really can't comment on their behavior while stored. If you can find success on that don't forget to fill me up. I'm all Ears.

Tater Tots

Tater tots are small cylindrical potato snacks which are hot favorite in American cuisine. Traditionally thin grated potatoes are seasoned and shaped in small cylinders and they are deep fried and served. But in this Baked Tater tots processed seasoned potatoes are smashed and coated with potato chips then baked in oven.

Serving & Storage:
Remove from oven immediately and serve hot with tomato ketchup or any hot sauce. 

Baked Egg in Corn Cup

Mexican Baked Egg in Corn Cup is a healthy delicious and quick item for breakfast or brunch. Roasted corn, garlic, spicy Mexican Salsa Sauce, cilantro will give a complete new dimension to your regular baked eggs. Here is the recipe of Mexican Baked Egg in Corn Cup.

Serving & Storage:
Serve your Mexican Baked Egg in Corn Cup warm with a cup of piping hot coffee.

Meatball Appetizers

Oven Baked Meatball Appetizers are flavored chicken balls which are made of minced chicken, red onion, garlic and chili and breaded. But they are not fried at all. Only oven baked with few drops of oil. The crisp outer shells and juicy chicken filling will make you fall for them. But there is no way that you can find out that they are baked not fried

Serving & Storage:

Serve immediately with your favorite drinks. I served with white wine and scotch in shot glasses. Just grab whichever suits your mood. It is a perfect party appetizer. And for me it is a grand hit, Always. This will go smoothly with your evening tea/ coffee as evening snack or even for your lunch box with some steamed/fried rice. 

 Baked Egg in Cheesy Cup

Baked Egg in Cheesy Potato Cup is a perfect Easter Breakfast item. This can be enjoyed on any weekdays or weekends as breakfast or snack. Crispy Baked Potato Basket is the perfect crunch kick while the cheese in between will give you the oomph. Finally, Baked egg on the top gives a whole new dimension to your breakfast.

Serving & Storage:
Baked Egg in Cheesy Potato Cups are ready to serve. Serve warm. Always. Serve toasts and butter with them. Don't forget to sip your favorite morning tea in between. This Baked Egg in Cheesy Potato Cup can be a cute individual snack or even a great party appetizer. Serve them with tomato ketchup or any of your favorite dip and drinks. 

Baked Egg in Spaghetti Nest

Baked Egg in Spaghetti Nest is an ideal breakfast item packed with protein for the rest of the day. It is a perfect evening snack or picnic food which can be prepared a day ahead. Are you heading for a picnic on this pleasant Summer? Prepare this Baked Egg in Spaghetti Nest a day ahead and wrap them in foil/air tight container and surprise your loved ones.

Serving & Storage:
Serve immediately with Tomato Chili Salsa Dip and green salad. If you planning to go with bit heavier breakfast add few slices of bread to your platter.

Jalapeno Poppers with Mole Sauce

Baked 3 Cheese Jalapeno Poppers with Spicy Mole Sauce is a perfect party appetizer and definitely a hot snack which can make you go gaga over it. Ricotta, parmesan &Cheddar cheese & sweet corn are the key ingredients of stuffing for jalapenos. This sumptuous recipe is adapted from Master Chef Australia.

Serving & Storage:
To serve, take 10 shot glasses or individual small bowls and fill half of each glass with the Spicy Green Mole Sauce. Drizzle some olive oil on top of sauce in each glass. Finally place one Jalapeno Popper horizontally on the top of each shot glass. These 3 Cheese Jalapeno Poppers taste best when served hot. 


Baked Chinese Five Spice Chicken

Five Spice Chicken is one of the classic healthy Chinese preparations.. Drumstick pieces are coated with previously prepared special sauce and then fold in Chinese five spices. They can be roasted, grilled or oven baked and should be served hot.

Serving & Storage:
Remove from oven arrange on serving palate and pour over the sauce. Garnish with finely chopped/shredded spring onion. Serve hot with Gingery Shrimp Noodles.

Bengali Mutton Biryani

Kolkata Style Mutton Biryani is the heart throb of Bengalis. Biryani is the most popular Indian Mughlai preparation all over the world. Bengali style biryani gravy is less rich yet light flavored.

Serving & Storage:
This Kolkata Style Mutton Biryani is best served with Chicken Chaap or Chanp and salad. I chose Kolkata Asalan Style Chicken Chaap or Chanp, Raita and Desi Salad to complete my platter.

Chicken Chanp

Chicken Chaap or Chicken Chanp is a Classic Delight for Indian food lovers. This is a unique combination of juicy and moist chicken pieces with rich and thick gravy. Any Indian festival will go dull if it doesn’t include Biryani and Chaap in its menu.

Serving & Storage:
Serve hot with any Biryani and salad or with any kind of Paratha. I served it with Kolkata Style Mutton Biryani along with raita and salad. 

Baked Spaghetti

Spaghetti Lasagna with Homemade Bolognese Sauce and ¼ cup Cheese. Lasagna without lasagna sheet; filled with fresh and healthy cottage cheese and homemade Bolognese Sauce or meaty red pasta sauce and topped with little cheese(optional) and jalapeno.

Serving & Storage:
Enjoy the delicious yet low cheese spaghetti lasagna hot. You can have it with Bolognese sauce as well (if you got any excess). This thing is very heavy and stuffy so be careful about your left overs. Keep them in air tight container and refrigerate up to 2 days. Don’t freeze. Otherwise the taste will be lost completely.

Mutton Rezala

Mutton Rezala is one of the most popular authentic Bengali dishes. It is an extremelyt frangrant mutton in yogurt based stew. But Rezala is rich with poppy seed paste and cashew nut paste.

Serving & Storage:
Drop dollop of ghee on the top and serve hot with Paratha or Naan and some Desi Salad. I made some Lachha Paratha to give my Rezala a royal company.

Lachha Parantha

Laccha paratha is an unique paratha made of both wheat flour and all-purpose flour. It is layered flat bread which is crispy and flaky.

Serving & Storage:
Lachha Paratha or Crispy Flaky Layered Indian Flat Bread tastes best when served hot. Serve this special paratha with any chicken mutton or veg curry. I served it with Mutton Rezala. 

Healthy Sesame Chicken

Healthy Chinese Sesame Chicken is a traditional Chinese delicacy which has boneless chicken, colorful bell peppers and green onion and flavors from different sauces. Requirement of only 2 tsp of oil complements this dish as A perfect Healthy and delicious preparation to enjoy the festive season.

Serving & Storage:
Serve hot with noodles or white rice. I used pan fried Egg Hakka Noodles to complete my appetite.

Baked Thai Style Chicken with Peanut Sauce

'0' Oil Baked Thai Chicken in Creamy Peanut Sauce is a baked version of slow cooked Creamy Thai Chicken in Peanut Sauce. It needs no oil at all. Chicken is marinated in homemade creamy peanut sauce and baked/oven roasted. Easy, hassle free delicious chicken will be ready in 30 mins. Serve hot with extra Peanut sauce and pickled veggies and lime wedges on the side.

Serving & Storage:
Serve the '0' Oil Baked Thai Chicken in Homemade Creamy Peanut Sauce hot with previously cooked creamy Peanut Sauce and pickled veggies and lime wedges on the side.

Phad Thai

Pad Thai or Phad Thai is a very popular and delicious stir fried noodles preparation loaded with flavors..Rice noodles are cooked in different sauces and combined with shrimp, chicken or tofu, mung bean sprouts, crushed peanuts & spring onion.

Serving & Storage:
Transfer the Pad Thai to the serving bowl just right after cooking is finished. Top with rest of the spring onion and crushed peanut and chopped coriander leaves. Serve immediately with lime wedges.



Patishapta is one of the hot favorite pithe amongst Bengali on the auspicious occasion of Poush Parbon or makar sankranti. This fine flour and semolina based crêpe is filled with desiccated coconut and rich palm jaggery,

Serving & Storage:
Serve warm or cold; both ways patishapta will provide you immense pleasure.
You can serve it with Nolen Gur or dry fruits or even rich Rabri.

Chocolate Sandesh

Cadbury Twister or Bengali Chocolate sandesh/sweet. This Indo-Western fusion sweet is invented a year back by an established sweet confectionery Gupta Brothers.from Kolkata, India. It has a soft chewy sweet cottage cheese filling with dry fruits and a chocolaty shell outside.Here is the recipe of Cadbury Twister.

Serving & Storage:
Freeze or refrigerate it for 5-6 hrs. depending on your local climate. Garnish each cup with chopped pistachio and serve chilled.

Cottage Cheese Pistachio Cake

Pistachio & Cottage Cheese Cake is a moist puffy and light cake with no butter or oil. Pistachio, cottage cheese and little yogurt are the core ingredients of this delicious tea cake. With Lemon drizzled glaze the cake turned into an elegant dessert.

Serving & Storage:
This is a great example of delicious dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Or have it as it is with tea or coffee or maybe you are like me who enjoys it on its own. 

Eggless Mollasses Mousse

No Cook No Bake Molasses Mousse is an eggless Sugar less mousse with the unique flavor of Molasses. Mousse means foam. As the name refers mousse is airy very light whipped sweet cream which is mostly flavored with chocolate and fresh fruits. Whatever your preference is but make sure you enjoy this true divine till the core!

Serving & Storage:
Always serve chilled. Remove the bowls from refrigerator just before serving. Pour chilled liquid molasses on the top and serve with Peanut Chikki or Peanut Brittle on the top. or you can add 2 tbsp of molasses at the bottom before pouring the mousse in it. 

Indian Chai Masala Cake

Tea Spice Cake or Chai Masala Cake is a very unusual tea cake. Tea liquor and other tea spices like cardamom, cinnamon etc are core ingredients of this mildly flavored cake. It is full of flavors of fresh tea with the richness of eggs, milk.

Serving & Storage:
Sprinkle some confectionery sugar on the top and serve immediately with a cup of tea. For your children use a glass of milk. This cake can be preserved in fridge for up to 8 days in airtight container and in the freezer up to 1 month. 

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